Yoga Hiatus


I’m on hiatus from my regular yoga studio.

There are different reasons for this, but the most pressing are financial. On my way to a yoga class I don’t usually attend, I got a ticket from a traffic camera that I do not even fully understand. I probably turned right on a red light when it was forbidden, or turned right when it was allowed but didn’t stop. I’ve contested tickets before by mail successfully. But it’s time consuming, I don’t want to go back and risk another ticket, and I’m worried I’ll fail and the amount will increase.

The ticket cost $5 more than a month of unlimited yoga.

I needed a break, though. Ninety-minute classes across town, four to six days a week do fill up my calendar. I’m not independently wealthy either, even without tickets. Most significantly, though, I started to question my reasons for going to class.

Although the practice I love is a physically demanding one, I’ve never gone to yoga class to get a work out or to lose weight. I do think about exercise and losing weight – I just don’t consider yoga a means to those ends. I look forward to going to yoga. I feel good both during and after, and I can mostly relax and not worry about the impression I’m making or what other people are thinking. I’m a calmer and more patient person. I’ve had a lot of transition in my life, and I like having a regular place to go.
Recently, I found myself wondering if I was going more out of obligation than anything else. I like being able to say I practice four, five, six days a week. I like feeling like I’m getting my money’s worth from a monthly unlimited pass that I can hardly afford.

On a few occasions, I found myself thinking, I sure ate a lot today. I don’t want to go home and run .. so I’ll go to yoga.

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