Not feeling it? No problem!


I love yoga. I started practicing almost three years ago, and I’m a different person because of it. So you might be surprised to hear my take on things like, how do I make yoga class a habit? I’m so frustrated I can’t do this pose!

My thinking is: if you’re not into it, don’t go! No biggie. I think yoga says, “That thing we avoid is the thing we most need”, and who I am I to argue with yoga. But isn’t there also something about not forcing it? If you aren’t feeling it, maybe it’s not the right time or place for you. Maybe your yoga is a meditation practice, or treating someone more kindly, or practicing a martial art or sport. There’s not one sport or practice that is right for everyone, so let’s not judge it when yoga isn’t the right thing at the moment. When it’s mean to be – you’ll find a reason to do it!

It’s sort of neat to be able to do crow pose now, but it took me about two years. I still can’t do headstand in any form away from the wall, and can just get my legs up for tripod headstand against the wall. Am I less of a yogi because of my lack of core strength, balance, and fear of this pose? I don’t think so, and if other people do … I can’t say I’m particularly bothered by that.

Most of us today have lots and lots of obligations. We do lots of things because we have to, or feel that we have to.  I think it’s unfortunate if yoga becomes one of those things.


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