My Breakfast Dilemma. Help!


It’s hard for me to believe that anyone actually reads this. But if anyone does, and specifically any runners, I would love to know your take on this: I have to run early so I can star working at 8am (from home). Seven miles is the furthest I’ve done on a weekday morning, and to be safe I set aside almost 90 minutes for this. This means I need to get going around 6am just to have a little time left over to shower and get settled.

I’m not dying to eat a full breakfast at 6am or earlier. But I also can’t imagine running seven miles on an empty stomach, or worse yet, getting halfway out and crashing.

What do people do?

I will warn you I’m funny with food. I have dieted a lot and I hate to count on snacking. I need to eat my meals and I have one snack, and that’s that.

I also find that if I do eat breakfast at 6am, even something filling like steel cut oats – I am *hungry* early for lunch! It’s hard to win…


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