Yoga Teacher Training


My yoga practice has slowed down in terms of number of classes per week – but I don’t think it has become “less”. I’ve changed studios, and my practices are less frequent sometimes less physically intense. These changes have made me think about my practice differently, and made me consider more strongly doing a yoga teacher training.

I enjoy my practice and know that I benefit physically and mentally from it, but I think I’ve maxed out this angle. I think learning new things about all parts of yoga – philosophy, anatomy and alignment, meditation, breathing practices – would change my relationship to it. I think teaching would too. I don’t anticipate teaching in a studio, but I might enjoy teaching underserved in more non-traditional settings – lower income folks in community centers or libraries, trauma survivors through NGOs and so on.

I can’t say the expense will be easier to bear, or even feasible at all in the near future. But I would enjoy the training, and I’ve noticed that those things in life I have done for no great practical reason – aside from just enjoying them – have also led to some of the best things in my life.

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