How I Found Yoga


I had a crazy French housemate who didn’t believe that I went for runs. I walked the last block or so – which she always saw from her vantage point parked at the house – and I’m not super skinny, so, in her opinion, I guess I was an unexpected runner.

She invited me to a spinning class at her super cheap gym. The gym had a $33/month membership rate, pretty good under any circumstances, and members got some kind of reward points for bringing new people in. In retrospect I think she also invited me because she thought I wouldn’t be able to do the class (she was pretty toxic). I did the class! She was surprised. I ended up joining the gym, going to more spinning classes, and taking a yoga class on a whim.

In the first class, I didn’t take off my socks because I had a borrowed mat. Gross! I ended up finding a very nice teacher, buying my own mat, taking off my socks, and going to a handful of classes. I then stopped for a year, until I went back to yoga and found a teacher who taught a 45-minute power flow class. He worked full-time at a studio, and taught one class per week at this cheap gym.

It was amazing. I went every Tuesday morning for a year. I did some beginner classes at a studio, but was disappointed because I didn’t feel high after those classes like I did after my power flow class. I kept going to other classes, but kept up my practice at the gym. I found another great teacher of Prana Flow (I am sure I should include the TM here).

Eventually my favorite teacher left. I missed a class due to a cancelled holiday flight and he was gone. I started going to the studio where he worked and found my match there. I was new to the studio, and to the heat, but did the full 90-minute practice each time without rest. I felt great.

My teacher has since left the area for the west coast. Another favorite teacher got married and left for Florida. I’m still here. I’ve broken up with the studio. But I still love yoga.


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