It should probably go without saying that I’m grateful for coffee and yoga. Running and dogs are on that “of course” list too.

More broadly, I’m grateful for my health.  I haven’t always been kind to my body and I still put it through a lot: running, yoga when I’m tired, working outside in cold weather, general clumsiness. I’ve been much harder on my body in the past too. I can’t say I’m never critical of it, but I’m much happier and more accepting than I used to me. This focus on my physical body may sound shallow. But I do think being physically healthy and well, and having an okay relationship to one’s own body, is an important foundation for many other things. At least for me it is.

I am also grateful for stability. I have a consistent place to live, that I like and have improved. My job has its challenges but is relatively stable and secure. My relationship with my family has its challenges too, but its mostly peaceful. I’m back running with my group regularly and going to yoga regularly.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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