Random Yoga Stuff: Yoga and Driving


Having a car makes my life much easier, in general. When I hear people compliment public transport in my city, I usually assume they either do not *really* rely on it, or that they live on top of a metro station, literally.

Having a car makes it easier to cart around my yoga mat(s) and clothes (for days I go directly from work and need to change without going home). It makes getting to new studios easier, which means I can take advantage of more new student deals. Needing to find parking can be a hassle and can make me late, but so could public transport.
I think the most unfortunate thing about driving to yoga is this: today the teacher talked about loving kindness. I felt all nice and peaceful in savasana. Then I left to drive home. I cannot necessarily put a finger on the specific feelings I experienced while driving home … and driving generally … but it is definitely¬† not loving kindness.


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