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Thinking in Bullet Points, Not Blog Posts


I haven’t abandoned Coffee n’ Yoga. I have just been thinking more in bullet points than blog posts recently. Some of these may make it into full-length posts…

  • What are those red bumps on my stomach I get when I go running in the cold?!
  • Assists in pigeon pose. Usually so awesome, sometimes creepy.
  • Coffee. Given the name of this blog, this topic has been neglected.
  • “Do you have any injuries I should know about?” Running injuries, yoga injuries, and a creative remedy for one.
  • It’s winter. I like heated classes.
  • Totally random: guns. So glad people around me seem not to have them given a few weird situations I’ve been in recently.



How I Know I Am A Grown-Up: Half or Full Marathon


I have run two half marathons and have a third in mind for next March. Since my last on in October, I’ve had the goal of keeping a long run alternating between 8 and 10 miles per week (along with several shorter runs, obviously). That is mostly what I  do to train. It hasn’t worked out consistently so far – either my sleep schedule, work schedule, yoga schedule, or just my body – has gotten in the way – but once those things align, I don’t really need to build up to that distance. I’ll just go.

I’m pretty happy with this plan. It probably doesn’t follow some recommended training plan, but it works well enough for me. My first half time was about 2:15, the last  2:07, and I’d like to do at least some speed work and aim to break 2 hours next time. That may be a long shot. But, like with my training plan, it’s a goal I’m comfortable with.

A friend who likes ultra marathons encouraged me to try for the full. It’s really an accomplishment, he said. I told him I hadn’t registered yet, so I still had time to consider. But my response to myself made me feel like a grown up. Read the rest of this entry

If people can make themselves healthy, should we blame them for getting sick?


Slate recently asked If people can make themselves healthy, should we blame them for getting sick? This is framed around the “obesity crisis”, which doesn’t surprise me: being overweight is probably one of the few things you can write an article about, blaming people for, and hardly make a splash.

As much as people might reference other health issues that are considered preventable, people mostly don’t publicly say things like, hey, you’ve got cancer? Why didn’t you eat more carrots and kale? I don’t want my insurance to subsidize your expensive treatment. Your mother had a heart attack? She should have gotten up from the couch every once in a while! It would be considered very mean and unsympathetic – and rightfully so, in my opinion. Read the rest of this entry