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Yogic Pride Misplaced?


Tonight I changed into my yoga clothes completely while on the road. Mainly at stoplights, and including a sports bra. I don’t think I flashed anyone. Is it wrong to feel pride?

I don’t have a lot of time between work and yoga. There are only a few bathrooms. I need my time in the bathroom for it usual purpose, and to remove my eye make up. Not to change.


Challenging Yourself in Asana Class


I like the more physically demanding power vinyasa classes, and heated ones if I can find them. But I like to think I challenge myself in less obvious ways.

When I first started going to yoga, at my gym and then even at a studio, I was too self-conscious to wear yoga pants. It took me about a month to buy some and wear them. Still, for at least a year after that, I always wore sleeves. I have some light scars on my arms that I didn’t want people to see.

Coming to class wearing yoga pants and a tank top was unbelievably difficult for me at first. Coming to class at all was difficult because I spent so much time as a child dreading gym class. I now do these things regularly. I don’t stress about my arms or about yoga pants – but I definitely have days where I worry that I’ve gained weight.

I don’t always take the most challenging variation, or bend my knee or knees to 90 degrees in warrior poses, but I think I challenge myself in my own way

How Yoga Feels Three Years On


After I went to my first power vinyasa flow class, I felt like I was high. Or, like I imagined I would feel if I was high, since I’d never actually been high. I felt different – physiologically different? – the rest of the day if I practiced in the morning.  I looked forward to each yoga class and lost my sense of time while in the class.

I don’t feel that anymore. Read the rest of this entry

Running Motivation


I run between 20-30 miles a week most weeks. Considering I run regularly and have a half marathon coming up in March – this is really not all that much for a runner.

Other runners, though, have asked me where I find my motivation when I’m not signed up for a race, and when I run alone. People are surprised that I’ll run six or eight miles and then go to a yoga class.

Partly – I have adjusted to these distances. I run slowly. I can do an eight or ten mile run and have a normal day, albeit with a late start. Mainly, though, I run because I worry I’ll gain weight if I don’t. I run because I want to eat normally, have one dessert or sweet a day, and I’m afraid I can’t if I don’t run. Most people don’t seem to understand just how strong this motivation is. I have to say that makes me feel alone as someone who used to be overweight.

Running Injuries … and Repairs


psoasI’m fortunate never to have had a serious running injury, but I’ve had some minor ones:

Pulling the psoas: I was trying to keep up with someone faster than me. The first time this happened, I thought it was some part of my back. It hurt to get up and down and to turn. The next time it happened, I asked a yoga and pilates teacher about it, she suggested the psoas, I googled it, and sure enough, it seemed to be that. This is not a muscle you hear much about, but it’s huge. The next time something hurts and you’re not sure what, google the psoas!

Psoas solution: Alternating heat and cold helped a little, and – for the part of the psoas I pulled – so did gently stretching my hip flexor and quad in some version of bow pose (one leg at a time, on both sides to keep even, but obviously really carefully on the side that hurts).
Plantar fascitis: My heel hurts all the time. It took a surprisingly long time to identify this one. It hurts most after I haven’t used it – sitting a long time or waking up – and least when I’m on my feet walking or running. Read the rest of this entry

Random Yoga Stuff: Assists in Pigeon


Some of my favorite assists ever have come in pigeon pose, especially at the end of a 90-minute heated class. I’m a little tired, I’m comfortable enough in it for it to feel like rest – someone pressing down firmly on my hips and back in the right way usually makes the pose even more comfortable. I then do not want to get up.

As long as I have been in the pose more or less correctly, I don’t think I’ve had an assist in pigeon that did not feel good.  I do not like flexing the foot of my bent leg fully because this makes it harder to feel relaxed.

One of the weirdest assists I’ve ever received was also in pigeon.

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