Random Yoga Stuff: Assists in Pigeon


Some of my favorite assists ever have come in pigeon pose, especially at the end of a 90-minute heated class. I’m a little tired, I’m comfortable enough in it for it to feel like rest – someone pressing down firmly on my hips and back in the right way usually makes the pose even more comfortable. I then do not want to get up.

As long as I have been in the pose more or less correctly, I don’t think I’ve had an assist in pigeon that did not feel good.  I do not like flexing the foot of my bent leg fully because this makes it harder to feel relaxed.

One of the weirdest assists I’ve ever received was also in pigeon.

It all started out well. It was the end of a heated class, I was a little tired. The assist-er was actually the assistant in a large class, who I later found out was in fact a yoga teacher as well.

She started out by sitting on my hips. That was weird, but I reminded myself to chill out. Whatever. It’s just your body, and if there is a weird vibe from it – that’s my mind adding that to the situation.

Then she lay down on top of me completely. Even weirder! Again, okay, this will pass when we get up.

Then the main teacher moved us to the next pose … and in some way, she asked me if I wanted to stay there.

Super weird! Stay in this pose, with this woman laying over my entire body, while fifty other people take double pigeon? I said something awkwardly, like “No, that’s okay,” which may have even been one of those answers that is the wrong yes/no for the question. But it was clear enough that I wanted to get up. And I did not want her laying on top of me any more. At all.

I think she was a little offended. I guess I would be too … but I doubt that I would ever give such an assist to begin with.

To be fair, she had an accept and I feel sure she was from a country where people are less rigid about their bodies. I also learned later that she was married – it’s not like she was hitting on me!

Knowing all this did not make me feel any better about this assist. It was just too weird to let go of that.

It was not until later that I made a connection between my earlier observation that there were a lot of men in the class….I did notice at the time that it certainly wasn’t just me receiving “special” assists. I can’t be sure this was the reason, but it was pretty funny coincidence.



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