Running Motivation


I run between 20-30 miles a week most weeks. Considering I run regularly and have a half marathon coming up in March – this is really not all that much for a runner.

Other runners, though, have asked me where I find my motivation when I’m not signed up for a race, and when I run alone. People are surprised that I’ll run six or eight miles and then go to a yoga class.

Partly – I have adjusted to these distances. I run slowly. I can do an eight or ten mile run and have a normal day, albeit with a late start. Mainly, though, I run because I worry I’ll gain weight if I don’t. I run because I want to eat normally, have one dessert or sweet a day, and I’m afraid I can’t if I don’t run. Most people don’t seem to understand just how strong this motivation is. I have to say that makes me feel alone as someone who used to be overweight.

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