How Yoga Feels Three Years On


After I went to my first power vinyasa flow class, I felt like I was high. Or, like I imagined I would feel if I was high, since I’d never actually been high. I felt different – physiologically different? – the rest of the day if I practiced in the morning.  I looked forward to each yoga class and lost my sense of time while in the class.

I don’t feel that anymore.

I still love yoga. I don’t feel high afterwards. My body is sometimes sore from running. I have never felt my hamstrings like I do now. Ouch! And my lower back? I didn’t believe you could injure yourself with yoga. But running plus a million up dogs per class without engaging my core have taken a toll. Sometimes I think I move like an elderly person in class. I sometimes find myself thinking, “We must be at least halfway through now if we are on balancing poses.” This makes me sad.

But I notice something else. I notice that I’m happier and more relaxed in my life when I get to yoga a lot. Without yoga, I am sorry to say I feel like I’m at war with my body. Yoga doesn’t make that go away, but it lessens it. I like my body more, and I feel better in my body when I get to yoga.


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