Challenging Yourself in Asana Class


I like the more physically demanding power vinyasa classes, and heated ones if I can find them. But I like to think I challenge myself in less obvious ways.

When I first started going to yoga, at my gym and then even at a studio, I was too self-conscious to wear yoga pants. It took me about a month to buy some and wear them. Still, for at least a year after that, I always wore sleeves. I have some light scars on my arms that I didn’t want people to see.

Coming to class wearing yoga pants and a tank top was unbelievably difficult for me at first. Coming to class at all was difficult because I spent so much time as a child dreading gym class. I now do these things regularly. I don’t stress about my arms or about yoga pants – but I definitely have days where I worry that I’ve gained weight.

I don’t always take the most challenging variation, or bend my knee or knees to 90 degrees in warrior poses, but I think I challenge myself in my own way


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  1. I think everyday can be a different yoga experience. Honor your feelings by listening to your body. Heck, some days it just might be a long sleeve day. I totally get that. ~ Kristen

  2. Thanks for your comment! I agree. I sometimes feel like teachers are saying “challenge yourself” in frustration, thinking that we aren’t (or I am not!) … I should send them a link to my post 🙂

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