Hiding Behind Yoga?


I’ve had a few very frustrating experiences with people who are neck-deep in yoga: teachers, studio owners, founders of yoga-related organizations. I won’t pretend I’m perfect, but these are people who sign emails with “peace and gratitude” and take it on themselves to teach others about yoga. This is not a new article or study, but it describes something similar to a story I heard more recently but can’t find, that “do-gooders” may feel morally justified in acting unethically.

It’s possible too that I put a different spin on things, how I perceive these people, because of how I see yoga. Maybe I hold them to a higher standard and that is not fair, and it’s about me rather than them. I know no one is perfect, and it doesn’t serve me or these people to put them on a pedestal. But it makes me disillusioned with yoga, or these people, or something. It makes me feel like some of my trust in yoga, or these people, or something was misplaced. And as much as this practice has helped me, it makes me more certain that I should keep my distance.

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