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Random Yoga Stuff: Why I Like the Heat


hot-thermometerBuilding internal fire.Sweating is detoxing. Blah blah.

I just like being warm!

One of my first and favorite yoga teachers taught a 45-minute Baptiste-style class at my super cheap gym. The room was the “group exercise” room and one wall was all mirrors … not only was it not heated to 95 degrees, it got downright chilly at times. It was six months before I visited the yoga studio where he taught, which of course had heated classes that usually lasted 90 minutes.

I was worried about passing out or throwing up. Read the rest of this entry


Half Marathon Update


My goal was to run this latest half in 2 hours or less. 2:00:58. No kidding! Mapmyrun spoke to me through the headphones, so I didn’t squander time slowing down and bending my arm and pressing a touch screen to check, and I didn’t have to change my jacket, re-pin my number, or try to pick up discarded gear. I missed my goal by 59 seconds. Damn!

That is okay. I blame the people who blocked me and would not move quickly out of my path when I wanted to pass, so it is all good.

All kidding aside, I improved my last time by 6 minutes, not insignificant in a half marathon I guess, and each one has been  a PR. A few of my highlights:

– seeing some runners from my  group … and passing them (I am so mean!)

– seeing an acquaintance’s husband and dog cheering, twice

– following a barefoot runner for a bit. She may be crazier than me!

– finding water from an independent stand in a neighborhood by mine … and it really was water, not beer or a shot.

– Thrift Shop mixed with Irish music in honor of St Patrick’s Day

– scoring plenty of free food at the end thanks to the plastic bag I took in my pocket.

I haven’t forgotten this blog. I also haven’t run more than 3 miles for a week. More to come 🙂

Time Saving Tricks for A Half Marathon


I am running a half marathon in a few weeks and I am hoping to shave about 7 minutes off my last time so I can break 2 hours.

I’ve done some basic speed work, and some (not so basic) normal half marathon training runs. Those are the obvious ways to improve my time.

I’m not sure that I can really cut half a minute of my pace, though. I am sure that, in the course of 2 hours, there are probably ways I could save time without necessarily stepping up my pace that much.

dv0960461. Dressing appropriately and being willing to discard layers: In the last half, I wore a very cute, new white running jacket with a zipper. Feeling cute makes me run faster. Great! I wore a puffy vest coat over it because it was FREEZING. Not so great. Less than thirty minutes in I was ready to get out of all that stuff. The problem was, my number was pinned on the front of the vest coat, over the zipper, and I had no way to carry that vest coat once I took it off. So. Undo the number. Hold safety pins in mouth. Take off vest. Take of cute white running jacket. Put vest back on. Tie running jacket around waist. Put number back on. How many minutes did I waste here? Maybe not seven, but at least a few!

2. Not slowing down for water/drinks or running gels EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ALL FREE! Read the rest of this entry