Half Marathon Update


My goal was to run this latest half in 2 hours or less. 2:00:58. No kidding! Mapmyrun spoke to me through the headphones, so I didn’t squander time slowing down and bending my arm and pressing a touch screen to check, and I didn’t have to change my jacket, re-pin my number, or try to pick up discarded gear. I missed my goal by 59 seconds. Damn!

That is okay. I blame the people who blocked me and would not move quickly out of my path when I wanted to pass, so it is all good.

All kidding aside, I improved my last time by 6 minutes, not insignificant in a half marathon I guess, and each one has been  a PR. A few of my highlights:

– seeing some runners from my  group … and passing them (I am so mean!)

– seeing an acquaintance’s husband and dog cheering, twice

– following a barefoot runner for a bit. She may be crazier than me!

– finding water from an independent stand in a neighborhood by mine … and it really was water, not beer or a shot.

– Thrift Shop mixed with Irish music in honor of St Patrick’s Day

– scoring plenty of free food at the end thanks to the plastic bag I took in my pocket.

I haven’t forgotten this blog. I also haven’t run more than 3 miles for a week. More to come 🙂


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