Learning Something New About Yourself


Some of my teachers start a class saying something about a specific focus – related to the physical practice, one of the limbs of yoga, or just something they have been thinking about. Today my teacher mentioned how learning about the bandhas was like learning about something powerful she had inside her that she hadn’t know about before.

I like this idea. And I’ve learned something about myself recently: I have it in me to give up something difficult.

On a more literal and physical level, this was milk/cream and Splenda in my coffee, and Diet Coke. Until you have become addicted, you do not realize the hold these chemicals have on you!

On a more metaphorical level, I gave up contact with an ex-boyfriend who I really believe I love. I’ve known him almost two years now. It kept not working. I kept reaching out to him (and he kept responding). I lost his phone number when my phone broke. Then I found it – but I didn’t call him.

I’ve given things up before, and made other difficult commitments. I’ve lost a lot of weight, trained for three half marathons, gotten a master’s degree, and worked abroad in several countries, doing jobs I found on my own. It probably shouldn’t surprised me that I have it in me to overcome obstacles and so on, but somehow in my mind there was a limit.

I think it’s nice that as old as you get, as much experience as you gain, you can still learn new things about yourself.


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