Zero tips for a better meditation practice

This clever title is meant to imply that I struggle to maintain a meditation practice. It seems pleasant enough when I manage to do it, particularly when it’s on a regular basis. But I struggle. I miss days. I don’t always feel benefits right away. I think if I did, I would just do it without complaint, the same way I started going to millions of power vinyasa yoga classes – not out of some abstract sense of discipline, but because I felt great.
All kidding aside, here are some things that help me:
getting rid of judgement. I have plenty of thoughts. I do not always sit with a straight spine… I sit however is really, really comfortable for me. I sometimes open my eyes to look at my timer midway through! I can recognize that these things are not ideal, but if I expect to be prefect I will give up when I fall short.
keeping it to a relatively short time. Eight minutes is my max.
fitting it into my day. I sometimes have a 30-45 minute gap in my work schedule mid-afternoon, too late for lunch, and not really long enough to run an errand or whatever. Eight minutes of meditation is really nice here.
I’ve had yoga teachers and yogis highly recommend meditation or other forms of mindfulness throughout my life. In my experience there is a lot attached to this when it comes up in yoga. Having a therapist suggest it, in many forms including while walking, is what set me on my most recent kick.
Do you have a meditation practice? What has helped or inspired you?

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