All I did was … nothing


I recently realize how much I love the length of my hair.

I wash it, of course, and dye it because I have some grey. I use a few basic products I use. And a straightener to cut down on frizz.

But the main way I achieved this fantastic length was … not getting my hair cut!

It makes me wonder what else in my life is like this. In what other ways can I just take it easy, be patient, hang on a little longer … and things will really pan out for me?

I’m quite Type A. I like to do stuff. I like to take initiative and get stuff done. Not all life is like hair, of course, but a lot of it is, like, you can cut things off but you can’t make them grow. (Well stated, I know). I sometimes struggle with when to let gravity do the work.

Maybe it is time to let things take their course and just wait a bit, instead of trying to fix things.


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