It’s started


I’ve started my yoga teacher training and I love it.

There are three trainers, seven trainees, two observing trainers, and the sessions are spread out over 9 weeks. It’s very organized (I love this) and focused on learning to teach an intro to power yoga class. It is still early on but it seems well rounded and focused on the things that are important to teaching a good class.

I’m pretty quiet but I’ve made an effort to participate by asking or answering questions. Interacting with people outside of the sessions seems okay as well. Although I love yoga and feel pretty comfortable with the postures in the intro sequence we are learning – I don’t love having people stare at me. I’m not 100% down on my body. I’m more okay with my body than I have been before. But it’s still hard.

So far my solution to this sort of challenge has been – just do it anyway. Get through it and it gets easier. That will probably be my approach here. Sometimes people say things like, “just don’t think about it” or “we all feel that way” … I don’t think these things are untrue completely, but I think someone who suggests just not thinking about it probably has not had similar struggles with body image and is not able to understand how deeply this stuff affects people.

I’m curious if anyone who has had similar body image struggles has advice or stories to share on this.


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